Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hand Picked Music for August 15th, 07

Two of the features I want to stick to with this blog are frequent mp3 posts, and frequent photo posts from my flickr. Instead of just throwing them all at you, I want to give you some context for it all. If it's a photo, I'll tell you a wee story about it. If it's a song, I'll let you know what I think about it. This goes the same for videos.
As of this posting I have 18,000 photos in my library. 7,290 are on Flickr. Music is another beast: I have a very large library of songs from every genre. Mp3s made available on this site are for evaluation only and will only be online for a short time. If you like it, buy it.

Here's the first of many to come:

God's Gonna Cut you Down by Johnny Cash is one of those slow spooky songs that capture his intense cigarette-choked worldlyness. Any remix of it better know what the hell it's doing. This remix by Mondkopf / Sommeil keeps the slow pace but intensifies the treble clap in just the right way.
God's Gonna Cut You Down - Mondkopf Plus de Sommeil Remix
From palmsout.

There's a category of songs I have in my Itunes that I plays to freak out my friends. Here's Fatima Miranda's Repercusiones. It's completely vocal, and completely entrancing. But it didn't say it doesn't get annoying.

Now here's one from my collection that could be a great soundtrack for a haunted house. It's a collection of Inuit Pant- Singing recordings. Here's track six from a 90 track maelstrom. The women who sing these ancient songs crack up at themselves a lot, especially if they mess up.
Inuit Panting - Track 6